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         Jade woke up at a cargo yard, right by the boat docks.  She looked and saw she was wearing a Supergirl outfit.  She started to walk down the yard, looking around.  She reached the street to see she was actually in a boat dock by Venice Beach, a whole 2 hours north of San Diego and New Haven.

         “Oh, shoot.  How am I supposed to get home?” says Jade.  Jade then remembers her abilities in the dream.  She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.  “Ok.  I’m 200 miles from home.  No money.  No ID.  Mask, if you are going to do anything, do it now.”  

         Jade opened her eyes, which turned from green to bright gray. “Ooh, this outfit is totally cute.  Wait, I’m in LA? OMG, I need to get home!!!”  Even though Jade was acting along the lines of a stereotypical teenage girl, she had a very adult-like voice.  “SuperMask, away!”  Jade, or SuperMask, began to spin into a tornado, but only spun from her waist down.  Then, in a speeding blur, she raced all the way back to her apartment.

         She stopped in her apartment, returning to Jade.  She walked into her bedroom, and decided to grab a different outfit.  However, when she looked in her closet, she only saw more of the outfit she was wearing.  She dug through her closet; she found Supergirl dresses, business suits, bikinis, but nothing else.  “Why is everything Supergirl?  I’m not any superhero!”

         Suddenly, Jade’s breath became all frigid and shallow.  Her eyes morphed from green to grey again.  SuperMask replied, “Oh, yes I am a superhero; the most beautiful and sexiest one alive at that.”  SuperMask’s body slowly changed its figure.  When she stepped outside, her body had the Jessica Rabbit figure, however, her suit looked more skin-like than before.  SuperMask then bounced her breasts and flew off into the sky.

         She landed atop the tallest building in the city, mentally fighting between Jade and SuperMask.  Jade yelled, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHAT IS GOING ON?”  SuperMask just giggled at Jade as she struggled to keep control.  Jade grabbed at her suit and began to rip it off herself.
         As the last of the suit came of her body, SuperMask whispered, “You survived this time, but the Mask will consume you.”  Jade ripped off the suit and it disappeared.  Stark naked, she closed her eyes and collapsed on the roof of the building.
Sorry this took so long, I have been caught up with school.
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